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What is it that makes Bulldogs such a popular breed ?
Why do they have such 'crazy' owners who dress them up and photograph them in the strangest outfits ?
Well, the answer is you have to own a Bulldog to understand what it means to share your life with one.

Want to find out more about this unique breed ? To understand what makes us Bulldog owners so passionate about our dogs, read this article about the Bulldog's personality and temperament from

Further information about this wonderful breed can be found in the article  English bulldog, which also includes links to other interesting pages. Background information about the Bulldogs's origin and history can be found here.
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Bulldogs in Hats and Caps
Christmas Bulldogs
English Bulldog
Bulldog Beauty Queens
Bulldogs in Sunglasses
Bulldog Mascots
Dressed-up Bulldogs
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Easter Bullies
Fashion Conscious Bulldogs
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Party Bulldogs
Birthday Bulldogs
Bulldogs dressed up for Halloween
So Your Dog's Not Lassie
Pool Bulldogs
Bulldogs in Tiaras and Tutus
Cowboy and Biker Bulldogs
Bulldogs in Halloween Costumes
Bathing bulldogs
Bulldogs in turbans and hats
Bulldogs having Beer and recovering
So Your Dog's Not Lassie:
Tips for Training Difficult Dogs and Independent Breeds
by Betty Fisher (Author)
Easy-to-follow dog training manual offering gentle, humorous advice for training free-thinking, "hard to train dogs."
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Action Bulldogs
A collection of puppy photo galleries with cute and funny puppies
Winter Bulldogs
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Bulldog information: complete information about the english bulldog, including their history, care, feeding, health.
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