Bathing Bulldogs

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Pugs, Bulldogs, Frenchies and other Flat faced dogs © 2007.
Top banner photos: bulldog puppy © Justin Horrocks, pug in cap © Ryan KC Wong, Santa Frenchie © Catherine Marien.
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Puppy Oliver
Photo: Allyse Dockery
Photo: Luna Menaboni
Molly's Bath
Photo: Luciana Bellocchi
Molly's Foam Bath
Photo: Luna Menaboni
Bella getting her first Bath.....
Photo: Debra Smith from Knoxville, TN
The Home Spa Book for Dogs
Nose to Tail Treatments
to Soothe the Soul and Age-Proof
Your Canine Companion

by Jennifer Cermak (Author)

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Bully's Bath
Photo: Rachel Mazza
Bronx, New York
Terry-cloth Dog Bathrobe
Duck on Back

Machine Washable Cotton/Polyester for Easy Care
Velcro Closures and Belt-Ties Provide Easy and Secure Fit

Size Large
Size Medium
Dressed up Bulldogs
Bulldog Mascots
A Bulldog's Life
Bulldog Puppies
Dogue de Bordeaux
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