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Flat faced dogs, with their expressive faces and proud postures, make wonderful photographic subjects. Get some inspiration browsing our photo galleries and share your flat faced dog photos with us ! Each month we select a Dog of the Month for each of the following breeds:
Flat faced dogs or brachycephalic breeds are characterized by a broad and short head. The word comes from Greek roots "brachy", meaning short and "kephalE," meaning head.

The English bulldog, French bulldog and Pug are all brachycephalic dogs, as are the Boxer, Boston Terrier, or any one of the other breeds with "pushed in" faces.

The Pug's head is sometimes referred to as extreme brachycephalic, meaning that their muzzle practically disappears.

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Brachycephalic refers to a breed trait, not a health problem, although it is true that some specific health conditions do have a higher incidence in some brachycephalic breeds or flat faced dogs, like the English Bulldog, French Bulldog and Pug.

The cephalic index is the ratio of the maximum breadth of the head to its maximum length. Brachycephalic breeds have a cephalic index of over 80 as opposed to dolichocephalic and mesocephalic dogs, who have long and medium-sized muzzles, respectively.
Pugs, Bulldogs, Frenchies and other Flat faced dogs

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